Course topics

1. Interpersonal and Organizational Communication Skills

2. Intercultural Communication and Diversity Appreciation

3. Powerful Presentation Skills

4. Leadership Effectiveness and Influence

5. Creative Thinking and Strategic Planning

6. Effective Negotiation Skills

7. Assertiveness and Self-confidence

8. Key management skills for new managers

9. Learning, Training and Development

10. Human Resources Management and Development

11. Training the Trainers

12. Time Management & Self-Organizing

13. Job Stress Management and Work-Life Balance

14. Managing Conflicts

15. Organizational Behaviour and Work Ethics

16. High Performance Teams

17. Leading and Managing Change

18. Meetings and Events Management

19. Setting and Achieving Goals

20. Report Writing and Business Writing Skills

21. Decision Making & Problem Solving

22. Employee Engagement and Motivation

23. Effective Public Relations and Positive Image

24. Soft Skills of Selling and Customer Relations

Personal development covers activities that:

  • Improve awareness and identity.

  • Develop talents and potential.

  • Build human capital and facilitate employability.

  • Enhance the quality of life.

  • Contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.