Training and Development

My profession as a Trainer is my passion, its the value I deliver in life, and the value I receive from life.

My career choice was based on: my knowledge, education, work history and travel, and on my personality, as an aspiring person who enjoys working with people with a particular talent for clarity of presentation and communication.

It’s based as well on my proven track record in my expertise, which lay in the areas of Interpersonal and Organizational Development and Intercultural Communication. In addition to my intellectual activities, which include: authoring books/creating workbooks and translating/ writing articles and researches/ delivering lectures & speeches/ and participating in TV and radio programs.

I’m devoting all my eff orts, time, knowledge and connections, to reaching the real aim of the statement that I’ve created for my work, stating my passion:

9000 Training hours

4000 Trainees

20 Years

400 Organization

50 Countries

30 Industries