in 2015, I’ve moved to the Netherlands, carrying a diverse portfolio of organizational and individuals’ development experience, which had been developed over 20 years of training experience, with more than 9.000 training hours, and 25 years of consultancy experience, for more than 400 organizations from different sectors and over several countries, including: Universities/Academic institutions, Healthcare, Retail, Services, Industrial, NGO’s, Oil & Gas, Banks, Telecom, Governmental Authorities, Chambers/Syndicates and UN institutions.

In 2004, while I was working as an “Institutional Development Advisor” for the “European commission business center”, I was delegated to establish and direct the first official training center for Aleppo chamber of commerce and industry, reporting to the European commission business center.

When the EU project ended in 2006, I’ve founded my own training center in cooperation with the Human Resources Academy in UK, under the name , which started operating in Syria, before deciding in 2008 to expand services in the MENA region, and to move temporarily to Dubai in 2012, and entirely later to the Netherlands in 2015.

Prior to that, I worked as a business development manager in a several large companies in the MENA region for ten years, and as a tutor in London City College and Pitman Qualify cations in Syria for two years, and a board member/partner at MANARA private school for 25 years.

Harf Hasan Kujjah's proficiency in intercultural communication and cultural heritage is unparalleled. His workshops are both informative and compelling, making him an excellent choice for those aiming to expand their cultural understanding.

Nora Van Elken

shallow focus photo of woman in gray jacket
shallow focus photo of woman in gray jacket